A Children's Place

A Children's Place

ACP began in 1989 when a group of women were walking through Settlers Cemetery in Uptown Charlotte and noticed children playing there during school hours. When asked why they were not in school, the children explained that they were not allowed to enroll in school without a permanent address. The women began a school for 27 homeless children in a room provided by First Presbyterian Church with a teacher from CMS and called it A Child’s Place. Soon after these beginnings, Congress passed the McKinney-Vento Act protecting the educational rights of homeless children.  With McKinney-Vento, ACP’s mission shifted to supporting homeless children enrolled in public school. Since 1989, the agency has substantially expanded its service capacity.  During the 2013-2014 school year, ACP helped 2,843 homeless children.

The past is what reflects most of our future. What happened to us as children shows in our personalities and success as adults. That is unless we decide to do something to change that. A Child's Place dedicated itself to helping children who were raised in poverty and give them a chance to change their futures. 




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