American Bird Conservancy

American Bird Conservancy

Hundreds of bird species are on a track toward extinction. If these species blink out, we’ll have just one species to blame: ours.

A casual observer might not notice, but take a closer look. Across the Americas, fewer birds inhabit our landscapes.

Some familiar birds, like the Wood Thrush, are 50 percent less common than they were 50 years ago. This thrush is just one of more than 500 native bird species in the Americas that may face extinction in the next decades.

Across the Western Hemisphere, 12 percent of 4,230 bird species are headed for extinction in our lifetimes without immediate conservation action.

At ABC, halting extinctions is one of our specialties: the top element in our strategic conservation framework. We do it by creating reserves for the rarest species. Just as important, we reduce man-made threats like overfishingbird strikes, and invasive species that bring rare species even closer to extinction.

Animals are incredible, and we the newcomer to their home.  




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