Anacostia Watershed Society

Anacostia Watershed Society

The Anacostia Watershed Society was founded in 1989 by a small group of concerned individuals who decided that the environmental needs of the Anacostia River and its watershed communities required serious attention. Over the past 20 years, our staff and programming efforts have expanded significantly to encompass efforts in environmental education,stewardship, and recreation, as well as engaging the community through public affairs. We are making a difference and we hope you'll help!

The mission of the Anacostia Watershed Society is to protect and restore the Anacostia River and its watershed communities by cleaning the water, recovering the shores, and honoring the heritage.

The Anacostia Watershed has a lot to offer. Its a great place to swim and fish. If we don't protect the watershed it will become polluted and these fun activities will cease to exist for the community. The living creatures at Anacostia Watershed deserve a clean enviornment too!




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