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Atlanta Girls' School   

Atlanta Girls' School   

In a world becoming exponentially more complex, girls will face challenges in college and beyond that will require curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and confidence to be solved.  At Atlanta Girls’ School, we teach girls to be world-class problem solvers. Our curriculum and culture emerge from a distinct vision of what girls must learn individually and collectively to become thoughtful and capable leaders. 

AGS is committed to helping girls and young women develop their fullest potential intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our school provides a safe, ethics-based environment, where community members encourage and support one another, are respectful of one another's unique talents and interests, and are aware of and accepting of cultural, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds that may be different from their own.

At AGS parents feel that their child is learning in a safe enviroment and surrounded by postitive influences. My daughter and her friends love their school and show great school pride! I can see an improvement in their academic and social performance. 




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