California Wilderness Coalition   

California Wilderness Coalition   

The California Wilderness Coalition protects the natural landscapes that make California unique, providing clean air and water, a home to wildlife, and a place for recreation and spiritual renewal. CalWild is the only statewide organization dedicated to protecting and restoring California's wild places and native biodiversity. We are grassroots organizers. We work with local communities to identify wild places that need protection, and then we build coalitions to support permanent protection for forests, mountains, rivers, deserts and other natural areas. Ultimately, we convince Congress to designate existing federal lands as wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers or national monuments so they can be preserved forever.

Hiking and camping are on of my favorite activites to do over the weekend. My parents took me when I was younger and continue to do so. Knowing that Bears, deers, and all the animals have a safe place to live and more importantly clean! 

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