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Colorado College

Colorado College

Welcome to a vibrant community—a community of around 2,000 students eager to communicate, debate, defend, think, and engage. The conversations don’t stop when you leave the classroom, but expand in every corner of campus as friends and peers relentlessly urge you to think outside the box, prosper, and expand your views.

At CC, you take one class at a time, it's a crazy innovative idea that has incredible results.  For 3.5 weeks, you are totally immersed in something you can really become passionate about.  The professor and class become very close because of the concentration of time spent together, and you really get to see improvement in a subject in no time at all.

Then, after the class period is over, you get to take an amazing trip (if that's your thing) - and refresh in nature.

Needless to say, I love this place and want to support it.




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