Conserve African Wildlife

Conserve African Wildlife

Africa is a huge continent that is rapidly changing and growing. Unfortunately, people are threatening Africa’s natural habitats and biodiversity—many without fully realizing the consequences. Through smart planning and active community involvement, African Wildlife Foundation can help Africans develop a modern Africa that also protects its natural treasures. 

African Wildlife Foundation is working to halt some of Africa’s biggest threats:

1. Create income opportunities through conservation.

2. Create positive alternatives to deforestation.

3.Work with communities to prevent human-wildlife conflicts.

4.Train rangers and scouts to help stop poaching.

The African Wildlife Foundation, together with the people of Africa, works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever. 

I hold animals near and dear to my heart. Having taken a vacation to Africa with my family 6 months ago, it was clear that Africa is a beautiful contintent with beautiful animals and people that need to be protected. 




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