Council for a Strong America

Council for a Strong America

Council for a Strong America is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with nearly 20 years of success in promoting policies and practices that are building a healthier, more secure, and better educated nation. Our members represent five pillars of society: law enforcement, the military, business executives, the faith community and sports leaders. Working together and through our five membership organizations, we advance research-based solutions that prepare all young people to be productive citizens.

Through Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, our 5,000 police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors make the case for public safety through investments that prepare young people to grow up healthy, well-educated and well prepared for lives free of the criminal justice system.

Through Mission: Readiness, our retired admirals and generals join forces to prepare young people to avoid the health, educational and crime-related challenges that currently prevent more than 70 percent of the nation’s young adults from qualifying for the honor of military service.

Through ReadyNation, our nationwide organization of business leaders is building a more successful future workforce by supporting policies and practices with a bottom-line impact on children’s health, academic achievement and readiness for postsecondary education and the careers that will drive our economy forward.

Through Shepherding the Next Generation, our pastors and ministry leaders encourage policymakers, parents and the public to make wise and moral choices on behalf of stronger families and communities.

And through Champions for America’s Future, our athletes, coaches and sports administrators champion policies and practices that level the playing field in education, physical activity and nutrition to foster healthy futures for all kids.

Day after day and across the nation, our members act on research and the wisdom of their experiences to urge lawmakers to bolster the success of the nation’s schools, communities and families. Working from each of our unique vantage points, we are united in our mission to build a stronger nation through smart, proven investments in youth.

With 5 different pillars of society working together to better prepare our nation with a strong workforce composed of productive citizens, we are bound to see results! The youth needs leadership and that is what the Council for a Strong America has to offer. 




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