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Culture for All, Arts & Science Council

Culture for All, Arts & Science Council

The Arts & Science Council (ASC) was founded in 1958 to run a consolidated United Arts Fund (UAF) drive and serve as a clearing house for cultural events. In 1958, ASC raised $63,000 during its first united arts fund campaign to support eight member organizations – Charlotte Choral Society (Carolina Voices), Charlotte Symphony, Charlotte Nature Museum, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Mint Museum of Art, Theatre Charlotte, Oratorio Singers (now part of the Charlotte Symphony) and Opera Carolina.

Today, with the generous support of individual and corporate donors, ASC has raised over $11.2 million through its Annual Fund Drive.  Coupled with public support from the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency, and various Mecklenburg Towns, ASC has granted over $14 million to support artists, arts and cultural education, neighborhood cultural projects and over 30 arts, science, history and heritage organizations.

ASC is one of the few non-profits in the U.S. that is both a UAF and a Local Arts Agency (LAA).  Its work as a local arts agency includes grant making, managing the public art program for the City and the County, developing cultural action plans to address issues from facility development and arts education to access and providing services to support artists and organizations.

Every time I go to Charlotte I find myself enjoying somethign that the Arts & Science Council is responsible for.  Community Support, education, and wonderful exhibits - these guys deserve your help!




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