Eradicate Lassa Fever

Eradicate Lassa Fever

A man has died in New Jersey of Lassa fever, a disease similar to Ebola, after traveling in Liberia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health officials say the risk to the public is "extremely low" because Lassa fever doesn't spread easily. The death rate for Lassa fever is 1%, compared to the 70% mortality rate seen in Ebola patients, the CDC said.

CDC Statement on the Death:

Lassa fever is an acute viral illness that occurs in west Africa. The illness was discovered in 1969 when two missionary nurses died in Nigeria. The virus is named after the town in Nigeria where the first cases occurred. The virus, a member of the virus family Arenaviridae, is a single-stranded RNA virus and is zoonotic, or animal-borne.




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