Global Footprint Network

Global Footprint Network

Global Footprint Network provides tools and programs that can help countries thrive in a resource-constrained world. More than ever,decision-makers are employing Ecological Footprint accounting to manage their ecological capital, both now and for the future.

These programs help decision-makers recognize the impact of ecological overshoot on their own policies, investments and projects, and demonstrate that it is both in their interest and within their power to turn the tide. By proving to national governments, finance institutions, and international development agencies that they can be more successful if they operate within nature‚Äôs budget, Global Footprint Network aims to foster a more stable and prosperous future.

Global Footprint Network is in short, monitoring and studying whether the planet is large enough to keep up with the demands of humanity as our footprint continues to grow. I am curious to find out how we will have to adjust our way of living to accomodate for the changes in our population. Donate today and let's find out together!




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