Help save the Amazon

Help save the Amazon

The Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is active in Peru and Bolivia. Our directors and staff are experienced ecologists and conservationists. We work to protect biodiversity by studying ecosystems and developing innovative conservation tools to protect land in the region while supporting the livelihoods of local communities.

Our mission is to protect the world's most diverse landscapes, train the next generation of Amazonian conservationists, and partner with communities to support livelihoods that sustain biodiversity. We conserve the Amazon by protecting state, community, and private lands, by working with governments, by supporting local people to improve their management of natural resources, and by developing conservation solutions. Scientific research guides our approach, and is rooted in our biological stations and field programs in the Andes-Amazon.

Birds, Trees, Insects, Monkeys...there is a never ending list of incredible wildlife that we need to protect, not to mention protecting the trees because they are critical for combating global warming.  Few biological communities and environmental issues are as important as the Amazon Rainforest, and I can't think of a better charity to support.  It's not just for the people in South America to take care of the Amazon, we all benefit from it, and we should all support it.




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