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Hurricane Matthew Relief

Hurricane Matthew Relief

Let's raise much needed support for those whose homes, families, pets and lives are currently being torn apart by Hurricane Matthew. So far, after an already devastating 12-day rampage from the Caribbean to the U.S. Mid-Atlantic, hurricane Matthew is still working its way up the east coast and is projected to make its way back down, causing even more destruction.

The deadliest hurricane in the Western Hemisphere since 2005, Hurricane Matthew forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Currently, at least 16 U.S. deaths have been reported, and insured damage is expected to total at least $4 billion.

In Haiti, Matthew took at least 877 lives as well as leaving entire towns across southern Haiti almost completely destroyed. Haiti was still rebuilding from the last monstrous hurricane in 2010, Hurricane Tomas, before Hurricane Matthew hit.

Let’s pull together to unite our world in moments of true devastation. Let’s show PEACE for our fellow man and help everyone survive this disaster.




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