Make Sure Our Food and Water Is Clean For Us All

Make Sure Our Food and Water Is Clean For Us All

Everyone is dependent on shared resources like clean water, safe food and healthy oceans. It’s essential that these shared resources be regulated in the public interest rather than for private gain.

Everyone wants the food they feed themselves and their families to be safe. But it seems like almost every day we hear about another food scare: meat contaminated with e. coli, peanut butter and chicken carrying salmonella, listeria in cantaloupe and other food-borne illnesses. While these immediate threats to the safety of our food get the most headlines, long-term, systemic food safety problems are just as serious and are often tied to the same industrialized practices. Exposure to chemical residues in food, antibiotic resistance, artificial growth hormones and questionable technologies, like genetic engineering and irradiation that have not been studied for long-term impacts, could have serious consequences to our health and environment.  

Around the world, multinational corporations are seizing control of public water resources and prioritizing profits for their stockholders and executives over the needs of the communities they serve. These private water companies try to persuade cash-strapped cities and towns to relinquish control over their valuable public water and sewer systems.

I personally stand by the belief that food and water is a human right, not a commodity. Because of that, this charity has my support.




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