PATH Foundation

PATH Foundation

In 1991, it was just an idea…

…a network of off-road trails in and around Atlanta for walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters. A series of scenic greenways to preserve our region’s forested character and offer opportunities for families to enjoy nature together. A way to connect neighborhoods to each other, to get people out of their cars, to encourage healthier lifestyles and to improve our quality of life.

PATH trails enhance community spirit and bring neighborhoods together. Each day, thousands of joggers, walkers, bikers and skaters from all walks of life escape the roads and hit the trails for travel and recreation. The demand for trails has increased dramatically as our citizens look for safer ways to exercise, recreate and reconnect with their neighbors.

I love riding my bike everywhere. I think it's great what PATH is doing to bring the community together. Thanks to them we have some great off-road bike trails all over Atlanta. Stone Mountain is tight too! 




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