Aid for the Search and Rescue of Jewish Orphans

Aid for the Search and Rescue of Jewish Orphans

TIKVA is a rescue aid and educational organization saving the lives of at-risk Jewish children and relieving the suffering of impoverished Jewish families in Odessa, Ukraine. TIKVA has also been a pioneer in the revitalization of Jewish life in Odessa, reaching into the heart of the Jewish community to rebuild Jewish identity destroyed by decades of persecution and communist rule. 

This specific campaign support the TIKVA search and rescue team.  Each year, TIKVA rescues over a hundred children from the southern regions of the former Soviet Union, offering them a safe home, food, clothing, a leading Jewish education and quality medical care. Most importantly, TIKVA provides them with a lifetime of love and compassion as they grow into healthy, independent adults. 

In order to identify and rescue Jewish children from throughout Ukraine, Moldova, Belarussia and Russia, TIKVA employs 30 full time staff and independent contractors who are experts in working with archives and specific social/demographic areas. Working in the context of a sophisticated professional system, they locate, document and transport Jewish youngsters to Tikva. Found in state orphanages, the street, and/or abusive, neglectful family situations, these children receive a loving home, essential social services, a first-rate education in the environs of a revitalized Jewish community and an opportunity for a brighter future through emigration to Israel (those who remain in Odessa go on to higher education or job training).

Your donation will go towards expanding our search-and-rescue efforts thereby reaching more children in desperate need, providing TIKVA's children with the most basic of necessities including food, shelter, medical care and clothing and significantly enriching the educational opportunities available to its student body.  It will help cover the costs of identifying and documenting the children found and rescued.




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