The Archer School for Girls   

The Archer School for Girls   

Honoring our founders' vision, Archer remains intentional in its practice of teaching girls the way they learn best. Founded on research and supported by expert faculty, this construct prepares girls to become leaders in the 21st century. 

Archer was founded in 1995 by three women, Megan Callaway, Victoria Shorr, and Dr. Diana Meehan, (see below from left to right), all graduates of girls’ schools and all parents of daughters who were about to enter middle school. Informed by current research on the clear benefits of single-sex education for girls and guided by their founding principles of innovation, community, and diversity, Archer originally opened in a converted Pacific Palisades dance studio with just over 30 sixth and seventh grade students. The Archer School for Girls is an educational community that supports and challenges young women to discover their passions and realize their true potential

This is a marvelous school for girls who can become empowering leaders of the future. My niece absolutely loves the school and gets along with many of the girls. Which is also proving with great social skills. The best school for young girls so let's show our support! 




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