The environment is everything - we only have one!

The environment is everything - we only have one!

Rainforests produce the plants that make our drugs.  Oceans provide a home for the fish that we eat.  The Arctic is the only place that many species can live.  To me, it's all the same. Solar Power is just as important to saving the environment as enforcing the conservation laws responsible for protecting our rainforests.  I am here to do my part in supporting anything and anyone that is playing a roll in protecting the world we live in.  My Charity of choice is the World Resources Institute - but I'd love to hear about what other charities are doing in the environmental space




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  1. September 18th, 2015 3:33 pm

    Littering, air pollution, water pollution, and other serious contaminates have been damaging our environment for years and have progressively been getting worse. This abuse to our planet has caused weather changes, health risks and bacteria to the freshwater systems. I hope to see a change and support to the World Resources Institute.