Turtle Island Restoration Network   

Turtle Island Restoration Network   

The genesis of Turtle Island Restoration Network began when in 1987 young biologist and wildlife activist Todd Steiner traveled to Nicaragua to learn more about a cutting-edge sea turtle conservation program that sought to engage local coastal communities in long-term preservation efforts to save sea turtles. We foresee a time when a critical-mass of people in communities all over the world share a common understanding of the intrinsic value of biodiversity and a permanent commitment to acting as wise, willing and able stewards of life in the earth’s oceans and on its lands. 

I've always been fond of turtles. I hasd several turtles growing up and they are such a fun pet to have.  Fun fact but sea turtles can live up to 11 years and more!  Knowing that new born sea turtles don't make it to the ocaen is quite devestating. 

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