Victory Ministries of Alaska

Victory Ministries of Alaska

Victory Ministries of Alaska exist to connect people of all ages with God through the ministry of Christian camping and conference retreats.

Connecting people involves:                                                                            

  • Developing God’s resources with an engaging campus that encourages exploration of the created outdoors.
  • Honoring God through serving our guests with excellence that exceeds expectations in program and accommodations.
  • Training, developing and launching leaders through a Biblically based discipleship model that emphasizes both knowing and doing as measures of success.
  • Serving in a manner that consistently demonstrates the joy of a God centered life.
  • Creating a work environment for staff that invests in and encourages personal growth in the knowledge of God.

Alaska has one of the highest suicide rates in our nation. They need the strength of God to help them through tough times. Sometimes people turn away from churches because they think its boring or whatever. Well Victory Ministries of Alaska has made it possible for all ages to practice the word of God in a safe and fun camping and retreat enviornment. 




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